Wednesday, 18 August 2010

TMA 4 is completed and I am waiting for the results...

I have recently completed the 4th tutor marked assignment which gave quite a good glimpse at the type of work that I'll be aiming to achieve and how to write the first link in the chain- the high concept document (HCD for short). I had to write several HCD's for the different platforms i.e. the consoles, online and PC.

I also said that I would post pics of the level that I was designing which is incomplete due to my computer once again having a massive bender! This time the damage is quite a bit more severe and requires me to get a new motherboard, and being the tech nerd that I am I thought that the processor could do with being changed as if I fit a new mobo I'm restircted if I plan it around an old processor and of course the new mobo requires new RAM. So after replacing the graphics card recently at the cost of about £200 I now need to upgrade the mobo, processor and RAM in short- Good bye cash!!

And on another note T2G has announced that after students complete their section 1 exam we will be able to apply for an NUS card. This new treat for train2game students comes in in September. Yet another nail in the coffin proving the merit of this course.

Anyway, lets not start all that again. All the best and enjoy the pics :-)