Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Good point!

I've just had another email for feedback about the TIGA diploma which is actually a very good point.

Jeremiah Alexander from Ideonic said "I think a qualification of any sort is useful as it shows a level of professional education but experience and a strong portfolio are still often the most important factors."

So really everyone is worrying about the TIGA diploma being a recognised qualification when we should really be more concerned about how good our portfolio is going to be by the end of the course.

Anyway I'll keep you posted and any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

All the best,


Monday, 14 December 2009

In response to a comment...

Ok, I have had an "anonymous" comment to my  "I'm 95% convinced" post, trying to use links etc to prove to me that this course is sketchy.

Well, in response, I'd firstly like to just say that this is a completely unbiased blog and I am writing it because there seemed to be a lot of slander out there that had no proof to back it up and seeing as I'm a sceptical person I thought that I would do the research myself and share my findings. And I am driven to find the truth as I have just started the course myself.

Now I did do research into this and my "I'm 95% convinced" post isn't just TIGA's portfoilio of companies as the "anonymous" comment below suggests. If you had read the post properly you would know that. I would also like to say that I have not missed the fact that companies have to pay to join TIGA in fact here is a link:
I don't see what that has to do with anything as far as their credibility is concerned? And yes DR studios, who manage some of course curriculum are members too, so what?!

The Hexus link is purely in my blog as they are looking into it and say that they are talking to Jan Telensky directly. I wanted to see what that turned up in the future. That's all.

Now the following two links, given by anonymous, speak more about the websites than T2G. If you read the legal letters from you will find that T2G are quite within their rights to request this as the allegations are not true and are therefore classed as slander. If they were true and could be backed up, then T2G would have to deal with it. And the YouTube videos have been removed for similar reasons.
If you want to check this out go to and type in train2game for yourselves. I guarantee they haven't been investigated, and thus Bruce it is slander and they can take legal action unless you remove it!! And any company can do this if what you are claiming is untrue and if it hurts their business. This comment anonymous "In fact wherever people have voiced concerns lawyers have stepped in and tried to get the comments removed." isn't true as Train2Game's own forum has posts voicing concern that the course is a scam and that have also been cleared up!

Ok for "proper research", If you had done yours properly and read the forum posts completely from the beginning to the end, the ones that you put in your comment, then the answers are in them!!

All the queries had been answered and explained, T2G and OPM still have a good relationship but had considered that OPM's job was finished "Re OPM, Kim remains a good friend, she and her team will gladly welcome you guys to register with her.", Nick from MCT, who are the people who were outsourced to enroll students onto the course, has a forum post devoted to improving the quality of the interviews etc and yes he has stated that 96000 people have been visited but doesn't say how many started the course and given that not everyone who has will pass the course, I don't see that this has relevance as if you are talented then you'll be fine. Finally people have commented on how good the content of the course is! All of which are in forum links you listed as proof that the course is junk!!!!!!

And here is the response to the hotgames job issue:-

"We are and have for some time been working on a very large employment and job opportunity project that is web based, its an extremely valuable tool that has been created to help you chaps get in touch with the many and varied employers in your field
The holding page title was hotgames jobs but this has since been changed to a better name (to be announced shortly). The site is at Beta and will launch this year however the web address used on the back of the enrolment form was not updated until recently so there are some old forms out there." CliveR T2G forum.

So in short your "proof" that the course is cr*p is a load of cr*p, You have actually gone more towards approving the course by providing some of the unsubstantiated garbage that people have been claiming!!

As always any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. But if you want to take a pop at the course then fine but you had better make sure you can prove it otherwise I'm going to verbally rip you a new one! Case and point above!! :-)
All the best,


P.s. "Anonymous" please feel free to put your name in your comments as we would all like to know who you are so we can name and shame!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Another reply, this time from Blitz.

Hey Guys,

I have received another friendly email from the PR coordinator at Blitz Games today who has told me that "We currently have no formal opinion on the Train2Game courses, as they have only just started and we would prefer to wait and judge them on their results."

Which I think is a fair comment. Blitz has a very helpful page called which tells you about all of the roles in the games industry and what skills etc you need to possess if you want to work in them. And also gives tips on what preparation to do for an interview for those roles. I will keep you updated on whether or not they change their opinions of the course either way.

As always any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

All the best,


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Well that's sold it for me!

Hey Folks,

Good news, I have had an email from Graeme Monk who works for Eiconic Games yesterday (link in post below) And he has said, and I quote "We would certainly consider the TIGA Design Diploma as a recognised qualification should you apply for a job."

So there you have it! I'm completely convinced of this course now and hope all my research has helped you to decide for yourselves whether or not to start the course.

From now on this Blog will be about the course content etc!! :-)

As always, all the best,


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I'm 95% convinced, but there is still a small niggle...

Hello people,

Over the past fews days I have been doing a lot of research into the legitmacy of this course and the qualification, as there seems to be an awful lot of bad press towards the T2G courses. Having looked deeper and past all the trolls and dullards who have nothing better to do than slag off things with absolutely no proof to back up their claims, I have found out a few things...

So from the beginning then...

Train2Game is a training business, used by TIGA, that is specifically designed to produce qualified designers and developers for the games industry. Now who is TIGA you ask? Well TIGA represent the UK games industry. They have an ever expanding portfolio of games companies and universities who are members. For more info follow the link below:- and to see their current portfolio of games developers who have recently joined see here:- and there are some well known games developers on here! But I for one wanted to make sure that these companies were actually members of TIGA, as I had not heard of them before T2G, and endorsed the courses set by them so I looked at some the games companies sites (via google) to see if I could find any evidence of a collaboration, here is what I found...

Now the Train2Game course has a games design studio making sure that the content of the course is up to date and people from the studio, DR studios, make appearances as guest lecturers and Clive Robert, the CEO for DR studios, can often be seen on the T2G forums lending a helping hand and DR studios input into the course was obvious as soon as you enter their website they have a tab on their homepage which leads to T2G info:- So far so good, everything checks out.

Ideonic are a games developer for learning and training simulation games and are members of TIGA.

Realtime UK, creators of games like- Buzz!, The Club, Total War: Napoleon, Juiced 2 etc, are members of TIGA, look for the logo:-

Blitz game studios are responsible for the Dead to rights series, and have titles on all the consoles back to at least 1998 and are also members of TIGA (look at the bottom of the page) but also state "that we do NOT endorse any other courses including distance learning courses such as Train2Game." on their Blitz academy overview page, to view this follow the link below:-

Iguana entertainment ltd have recently released Empire Builder and are members of TIGA:-

Eiconic Games ltd have have created a web game called Polar Panic and have a family game called squeeballs coming next year to XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii. They are members of TIGA:-

This has taken along time to compile this much info but other games companies that are most definately members of TIGA are as follows:-

There are other company names added to the TIGA portfolio over the past three months that might be TIGA members too but they just don't have the TIGA logo tattooed on their websites, some of whom are fairly big hitters in the games industry. I have started emailling some of these companies to find out if they would consider the 'TIGA diploma' as a recognised qualification. Nothing yet but I will keep you informed.

And just in case you haven't read enough yet here is a little more:-

So I believe TIGA is legit and that it is doing good things for the games industry however I still have some questions about Train2Game.

Train2Game's co-founder is a man named, Jan Telensky, who also has the title of CEO for an IT training company called 'Skillstrain'. Now skillstrain have been on the BBC's program 'Watchdog' for racking up 200 complaints for it's IT courses being out of date etc. Now in my opinion 200 complaints is not a lot for a company who netted £18 million in 2008. Now I know this is difficult but keep an open mind when watching this:-
also read some of the comments underneath.

But, this does not take into account what must be thousands of success stories and is therefore a very one sided arguement.

I have looked into Jan Telensky a little more and he has come from nothing and he seems to be a generous man who has donated a lot of money to charities and schools. But you don't need to take my word for it, he has his own blog!!

As to whether the course is completely cosher, I think we will have to wait on this interview for some answers:-

That's it for now, I'm going to scoop my brain back into my skull after all that research.

As always, all the best,


Monday, 7 December 2009

Answering some questions from

I will be doing everything that is involved in making that game: planning, programming, level design, marketing, character development, basically anything that's involved with making a completely marketable game, I'll be doing it. It means I will have documented all the planning stages to add to the portfolio as well. You also have to remember this is a part time course so it's going to take longer than a full time Uni course. I can add a copy of the course schedule soon (providing it doesn't infringe on any copyrights etc?!)

I'm doing the design course and whilst I won't need some of the skills I'm learning to be a games designer, I will need a broad understanding of the capabilities of each of the sections of games development as it will be my job (hopefully) to co-ordinate all of them to create a game, for example: it's no good me asking them to make the character 3D when the hardware and software will only run in 2D! (maybe not a good example, but you catch my drift!)

Whilst I can see that £4960 (Train2Game course cost) is a lot of money, you could be looking at £1500-£3000 a year for 3 years at Uni (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that) plus living expenses as most Uni courses/degrees are full time. So I think "rip off" is an unfair comment, because with this course you can complete it in your spare time and still work to keep a roof over your head and the bills paid!

"Also, are you a member of the forums there?" Do you mean the Train2Game forums? If so you have to be a student to access those and my I.D. with my password, username etc hasn't arrived yet.

Hope this has helps and has answered the all questions?

Feel free to ask me anything else and I'll do my best to answer them.

All the best,

Tommy English.

The Start of my Training with Train2Game.

Hey guys,

So this is the first post, of hopefully many, that will be an insight into the course I'm taking. I am currently looking at going into a career in the games industry and have just begun a course in Computer Games design. Now I thought that I could start sharing my experience of the course from the outset so that anyone else looking to take the same course can use my experience to help them make the decision to begin the same training, or else, to go another way.

Now this course in for people in the UK and is what's known as a distance learning course and for those who don't know what that is - it is basically a course done from home that gets sent in modules through the post or via the Internet. Now in this case I will have two exams to complete throughout the course and one final exam to complete it, these will be done at a test centre that is local to me. The course will be completed in anything from 1-3 years depending on how much time can be donated to it. In my case I am still going to be working a full time job so it will most likely be between the 2-3 year mark.

I have been given the first section of the course by the chap who came out to interview me, and he did quite a thorough job of it too! He made sure that I had a passion for the subject, and of course being a fairly avid gamer, I am. He also made sure that I was going to stick with the course and that I also had all the right influences pushing me in the right direction. He made me aware of the route that I would most likely take into a career, as a QA tester (quality assurance) and that I could progress from there if I was talented enough and if I had enough commitment. He took me through the course sections and made me aware that by the end of the course I would have made my own game ready to market and that this would act as my portfolio to take to interviews as my proof of what I can do, which I already knew I would need to get anywhere after the course as games companies generally aren't interested in what qualifications you have on your CV but rather what you are physically capable of.

So this is basically the end of my introduction for my experience and I will keep you updated on what happens next and how I find the first section.

Feel free to ask questions that you feel I haven't answered and I'll do my best to answer them.

All the best,

Tommy English.