Monday, 14 December 2009

In response to a comment...

Ok, I have had an "anonymous" comment to my  "I'm 95% convinced" post, trying to use links etc to prove to me that this course is sketchy.

Well, in response, I'd firstly like to just say that this is a completely unbiased blog and I am writing it because there seemed to be a lot of slander out there that had no proof to back it up and seeing as I'm a sceptical person I thought that I would do the research myself and share my findings. And I am driven to find the truth as I have just started the course myself.

Now I did do research into this and my "I'm 95% convinced" post isn't just TIGA's portfoilio of companies as the "anonymous" comment below suggests. If you had read the post properly you would know that. I would also like to say that I have not missed the fact that companies have to pay to join TIGA in fact here is a link:
I don't see what that has to do with anything as far as their credibility is concerned? And yes DR studios, who manage some of course curriculum are members too, so what?!

The Hexus link is purely in my blog as they are looking into it and say that they are talking to Jan Telensky directly. I wanted to see what that turned up in the future. That's all.

Now the following two links, given by anonymous, speak more about the websites than T2G. If you read the legal letters from you will find that T2G are quite within their rights to request this as the allegations are not true and are therefore classed as slander. If they were true and could be backed up, then T2G would have to deal with it. And the YouTube videos have been removed for similar reasons.
If you want to check this out go to and type in train2game for yourselves. I guarantee they haven't been investigated, and thus Bruce it is slander and they can take legal action unless you remove it!! And any company can do this if what you are claiming is untrue and if it hurts their business. This comment anonymous "In fact wherever people have voiced concerns lawyers have stepped in and tried to get the comments removed." isn't true as Train2Game's own forum has posts voicing concern that the course is a scam and that have also been cleared up!

Ok for "proper research", If you had done yours properly and read the forum posts completely from the beginning to the end, the ones that you put in your comment, then the answers are in them!!

All the queries had been answered and explained, T2G and OPM still have a good relationship but had considered that OPM's job was finished "Re OPM, Kim remains a good friend, she and her team will gladly welcome you guys to register with her.", Nick from MCT, who are the people who were outsourced to enroll students onto the course, has a forum post devoted to improving the quality of the interviews etc and yes he has stated that 96000 people have been visited but doesn't say how many started the course and given that not everyone who has will pass the course, I don't see that this has relevance as if you are talented then you'll be fine. Finally people have commented on how good the content of the course is! All of which are in forum links you listed as proof that the course is junk!!!!!!

And here is the response to the hotgames job issue:-

"We are and have for some time been working on a very large employment and job opportunity project that is web based, its an extremely valuable tool that has been created to help you chaps get in touch with the many and varied employers in your field
The holding page title was hotgames jobs but this has since been changed to a better name (to be announced shortly). The site is at Beta and will launch this year however the web address used on the back of the enrolment form was not updated until recently so there are some old forms out there." CliveR T2G forum.

So in short your "proof" that the course is cr*p is a load of cr*p, You have actually gone more towards approving the course by providing some of the unsubstantiated garbage that people have been claiming!!

As always any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. But if you want to take a pop at the course then fine but you had better make sure you can prove it otherwise I'm going to verbally rip you a new one! Case and point above!! :-)
All the best,


P.s. "Anonymous" please feel free to put your name in your comments as we would all like to know who you are so we can name and shame!


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd just add a few more updates to your reply. I have to disagree with the idea you "fought off quite successfully" previous comments - it isn't a fight, the fact no-one bothered replying to your xbox360 post should tell you that no-one is really that interested.

To address your specific points:

1. The fact DR Studios joined TIGA just before launching the course could be purely co-incidental. Pretty convenient timing though I'm sure you'll agree.

BTW Tiga are running a course soon on how to offshore to protect your companies profits. They are there to represent the paying members interests

2. The Hexus link is pretty outdated as Jan Telensky never got back in touch. The discussion of T2G is still prohibited on there for reasons the mods cannot explain. Make of that what you will.

3. The Bruceonline links are worth reading for the replies - you might also want to check up on the difference between slander and libel. The fact they are still up should give you a clue about their veracity.

4. The T2G forum links which you say contain the answers to the questions I raised also don't actually agree with what you seem to think they do.

The OPM partnership is so great that all mention of T2G has been removed from their website (BTW I take it you notice the allegations were never denied by T2G)

The hotgamesjobs site is still not demonstrated and Clive R now seems to not even post in the thread about it.

The recruitment drive is still in full flow with numerous fake job adverts on job sites offering "computer and video games developer" positions e.g.

As to revealing my name, lets not :), I don't fancy appearing on what seems to be their personal attack blog

- have a search for Bruce Everiss and 'Glengarry Glenn Ross' e.g

And the follow up:

But I'm sure the well respected Scheidegger training organisations wouldn't stoop so low as to sanction that.....

Though I do find it curious that the only signatories to the petition that citizenfreepress links to seems to be MiS related.

Have fun with your training anyways - I'm sure it will all be worthwhile for something.....

Elizabeth Gallagher said...

I have left the comment below on the "bruceongames" blog site.
Whether it will be published is yet to be seen
I really resent even giving him attention but as someone who also runs an online business and has been a victim of this kind of "part fact/mostly fiction" defamation by an unprofessional competitor, I guess i bite easy

In my case, I simply refuse to comment on anything my stalker posts but it's got to the point were I have apparently been sued for copyright which is total BS and it IS having a terrible effect on my business so I am forced to go down the legal route after two years.

Sickens me.

Comment posted:

I doubt you will post my comment as most bloggers prefer to remain subjective as apposed to objective and only publish comments that support their theories.

I am a student with and I am fully aware that the emphasis is on having a quality portfolio over the actual diploma.

Its the ability to learn 3DMax that interested me as I am fairly comfortable with Photoshop as it happens

I don’t know anything about the slander or watchdog reports but I am more than happy with the “sales man” who came to visit me and I have worked as a sales person for 15 years so I know a hard sell when I see one. I didn’t get a hard sell.

Any company has a marketing and sales dept. T2G need to make a profit. Even Open Uni runs TV adverts

I see no harm in promoting and marketing their services.

I am very happy with the quality of my art course and for the price I get a full student version of 3Dmax and Photoshop CS5 which in themselves cost over 3K so how can I grumble about the price?

I notice only777 who “wont be gagged by a dirty company” has had his account deleted from the URL video link her provided.

ANY company has the right to have negative informal opinions published on the www removed.
If it was YOUR company, you would react in the exact same way.

Elizabeth Gallagher said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tommy English said...

Well Elizabeth,

I'm happy to publish the comment. There is always going to be bad comments and negative press out there, whether it stems from the competitors trying to gain more custom or just someone who is bored and has nothing better to do than nay-say everything! The fact that no one can actually prove T2G's faults and flaws etc is probably proof enough that they aren't true!

I wish you the best of luck with your course and who knows maybe we might cross paths professionally at some point.