Monday, 25 October 2010

Long time, No see!


It's been a while huh!

Well, I've been busy cracking on with the course which I got 100% in my last TMA and am now waiting for my final course book for Section 1!

My computer is fried, again! Which means I haven't been able to complete any practical design doohickeys which is annoying but I am currently raising the cash to spring for a much needed upgrade :-)

I'm glad to see a couple of people are using my experience to help them with their's and which I am more than happy to help with. Hey that's what this blog is mainly about so...

Other than that It's business as usual.

As always any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me either here or on the T2G forums.

All the best,



jack said...


I have been reading this blog since the 95% convinced and your blog has now stopped does this mean you didnt finish the course or something. I was really wondering would you recommend it, do you need any past experience and if you have completed it have you got a job with it.

Adam Prescott said...

Hi Jack,

I am still on the course and am just about to start my portfolio work :) To be honest the blog has fallen by the way side as I am trying to juggle a full time job with overtime, a P90X workout routine and the course work for T2G. You don't need any prior experience in games design to take up a course it does a thorough job of teaching the trade from the ground up. I would recommend the course if games design is what you want to do, I know of one student doing the course who has already done a Uni degree and has started on a T2G course purely to build up a portfolio. There is something else I should warn you of going into it and this isn't to scare you off at all but more to give you the full picture- the games industry, certainly in the UK, is struggling at the moment so should you take up a course this is something you should be prepared for. Now that's not to say that it won't have completely turned around in 3+ years (course length) but certainly at the moment it's only the big fish that are surviving! A few well known UK games studios have closed over the past year. Having said that if you have the talent for it and work hard you will probably be out there with no problem and there are always indie companies that are cropping all over the place.

I hope that's helped and if you have any more questions please ask :)