Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Good Bye

Hi All,

I just wanted to say that I am no longer on a train2game course and haven't been now for a while. I would say your best place for info now are the students and staff still on the course over at the train2game forum.

All the best folks, InCOGnito out!! :-)


Ivy Whispers said...

Hi Adam,

I've just had a rep come over to my house for an interview after he left I decided to look up reviews on train2game. The 'sales man' led me to believe I was a perfect candidate and had up until tomorrow to make my decision. That's what led me to look up reviews and nearly about 90% of all reviews are saying how train2game is a scam, stay away from them, not worth the time and effort....I can across your blog and I'm interested in why you are no longer with train2go, why did you decide to leave and is there any advice you can give? I was looking into the art/animation course with them....Compared to courses and degrees in the United States, take CGMA for example their 2 1/2 year program costs about £12,000, not only them but all courses, take Imaginism each course which is only about 4-5 weeks is 900$ per course, so when I compare that to £5000 over a period of 3yrs, I'm not sure why people complain? Maybe I'm new in UK and find Education so much cheaper. But would you be able to give me some insight please, as even though yes it's cheaper than USA I do not wish to throw away money or time or effort.
Thank you.

Adam Prescott said...

Hi Ivy,

I left because when I joined the course the guy said the same to me about being perfect for the course. What you need to bare in mind is that they are on commission so ignore what he said entirely. That is not to say you wouldn't be perfect for the course but he's only saying it for the money. I was on the game design course and it all became a bit repetitive and was all paper work all the time. They might have refined the courses now but like I say the best place to get info from is actually from the forum and it's staff/students because they are all in the same boat and are all really helpful. In short the courses aren't a scam they are still just very young. You don't have a day to decide either, take your time over the decision - they'll come back if you decide to join. Personally I would go to college/Uni as they are more established in the eyes of games companies.

Hope that helps.